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In the aftermath of Federal Disaster #1649,

a 2006 flood along the Delaware River,

Lori Anderson Moseman & Tom Moseman

founded the High Watermark Salo[o]n

to celebrate writers and artists whose

creative bouancy builds community.

left: Doug Rogers

right: Sheila Goloborotko's 55 Prints


2 0 0 9


v. 3 n. 1

This suspended contraption
needs you to winch it
but you have no faith in weight or
A Ken-doll can’t do it nor a garden stickman
no more than a tomato stake to tie to,
in other words, no wimpy string
tie you wouldn’t wear a tie if they paid you or be tied.



excerpt from Victoria Boynton's "Ties"

ARTIST Marney Lieberman

POET Victoria Boynton

v. 3 n. 2

deciduous and decide, juniper jumps and fishes, birds and tractors and flowers and two cars, wooden fruit and the phone lit up on the floor inside





excerpt from Katie Yates' Morning Stories

ARTIST Julian Wong

POET Katie Yates

v. 3 n. 3

  Second chakra hisses
  as it speeds
  its orange wheel
  balancing the journey
  of energy
  moving skyward.

  this sky rum pouring from
  the sky's heart,
  I see in the mirror
  of my womb's orange beat
  the matrix of forces,

excerpt from Pramila Venkateswaran' "Orange"

ARTIST Dolores Bentham

POET Pramila Venkateswaran



v. 3 n. 4

  It looks, once again, like copper in the throat.
  The tea kettle. Guttered leaves. Stillness of a holiday.

  Three a.m. seems a long life away.
  The sky of Japanese scrolls uncreases a dog.

  Several shapes fly through one another.
  We think we're sleeping, believe the hypnosis of breathing.

  Honestly. Of course. What could be done? And would?
  Too many birds do not comprehend the language of snails.

excerpt from George Kalamaras' "Hypnosis of Breathing"

ARTIST Alvaro Cardona-Hine

POET George Kalamaras