M A T T H E W   K L A N E
Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press (flimforum.com). His latest chapbooks include: The- Associated Press, Sorrow Songs, and Friend Delighting the Eloquent. Other work can be found in: wordfor/word, Plantarchy, and string of small machines. Also see: The Meister-Reich Experiments, an evolving hypertext, at housepress.org. He currently lives and writes in Albany, New York.


MK   U L T R A
MK Ultra. Mate w/ the “invisible empire”: the empire experiments
on “me.” Make text, my retina reflex: mallrat, eyes on fire, sex sex 



re: Military Metaphysics | Crying

Military Metaphysics: is an infinite series of military encounters, 
television, missile-tip, teardrop, Christmas. Lit up, up, up, to high, 
high Heaven. The word “level” and the word “rev”: the word 
“rev” and the word “very.” The word “military”: titillate, fill it, til, 
zip! The word “metaphysics”: bury your secret erection.
Surfing the Dial: surf the waves and surf the net. Take the cliches 
and put them in a pile. Violence, like television, travels in waves. 
“They” monitor “my” behaviors, and my “behaviors” are various, 
a virtual “bevy.” Bizarre, fetishistic, ritual, ballistic. Surfing the spit, 
sweat, tears, piss. Surfing: stick it in, dial it up, pile it on.
Crying: wish list waves, wet flood flesh, retinal diet, desiring flush.
Crisis (crying iris): leak in the system, secret and secrete, pissing 
and moaning, very and virus. Christmas: pic, pic, pique, cheek, 
encrypted excitement, tizzy of files. Cryotext: internet dictator-
ships, the Santa Claus side of American foreign policy, there are 
no free associations.